[September 19th, 11]
Sunny Ocean Studios has presented their new 46" glasses free display at 3D tomorrow conference in Seoul (Korea).
New high brightness 3D display unveiled
[August 30th, 11]
First public presentation of the Sunny Ocean Studios 3D netbook for stereoscopic content playback in California.
Glasses free 3D netbook presented
[March 6th, 10]
At CeBIT in Hannover, Sunny Ocean Studios demonstrated a 27" 3D display with 64 perspective views.
Sunny Ocean Studios fulfills No-Glasses 3D dream
The "final" trend of any 3D display development is the realistic representation of natural scenes without the need of 3D glasses.
After many years of involvement in glasses free 3D (auto-stereoscopic) display research, we are confident about the advantages of auto-stereoscopic

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